New Year, new start: How can mediation help you make a fresh start at work?

The one thing we all hope to achieve over the Christmas and New Year period is a chance to close the door on work and take a well-earned rest. But sometimes, it’s not just the demands of the job that we are able to escape from, it’s a situation with colleagues that has somehow got out of control.

 The traditional way of dealing with such issues has been resorting to grievance or disciplinary processes.

The core problem with these methods, however, is that they don’t allow the parties concerned to have any control over how the problem is resolved. It’s just a way of passing on the problem to others, who will try to make a decision about who is right, and who is wrong.


All well and good, but the trouble with that is, it very rarely does anything to solve the actual problem.

At least one of the people involved is going to be unhappy about the outcome, and that leads to an appeal and potentially, in the worst cases, to the Employment Tribunal. The parties become entrenched, their colleagues take sides, and coming into work can feel like entering a battlefield.

Mediation offers a different approach


  It gives people a safe environment, and the assistance of a mediator, to find a solution to the problem themselves. Those caught up in a dispute are best placed to understand what the problem is, and to explain the effect it is having on them. They are also the best people to work together to find a practical way of drawing a line under what has gone before, and to work together to plan how differences can be managed. Those involved may not expect to ever become best buddies, but they can be responsible for planning a path that will allow them to work in a professional and mutually respectful environment.


If you have returned to work after the Christmas and New Year break and you are unhappy with how things are, why not consider workplace mediation? 

Contact  DRAW now for a chat about how it works and to access up to 6 hours cost-free mediation services.

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