Problems at work?

Are you being treated unfairly?

DRAW helps you find solutions to work problems

DRAW offers online mediation for work problems. Mediation is a series of discussions aimed at finding solutions. Mediation is a great way to find solutions that work for both employee and employer.

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Finding solutions through

Mediation with DRAW

DRAW mediation
Work problems?

Are you facing problems at work? Do you want to solve them quickly?

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Agree to mediate

Your employer must agree to mediate and we will discuss how best to approach them

Arrange mediation

We arrange the mediation for you – at a time that suits you


A mediator will discuss the problem with you and your employer separately and help find solutions


Most mediations end with an agreement between the employee and employer

Why use DRAW mediation?

Less stressful

Mediation with DRAW is less stressful than grievances and the Employment Tribunal

Quick and Easy

Mediation with DRAW is quick and easy to set up online

More control and certainty

You have control over the outcomes. Mediation with DRAW offers solutions that you can’t get in the Tribunal

Legal advice and support

You may be eligible for legal advice and support through the mediation

Quick and easy
I feel better
I had control

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Before mediation

Any time. It is never too early or too late.

You must be living/working in London.

The first six hours of mediation is provided at no cost.

Mediation is where the parties meet online with a mediator. The mediator helps the parties to have a discussion. ACAS’ role is very limited. They do not read any documents and act more as a go-between.

Mediation works in many different scenarios and is very effective in workplace disputes.

During mediation

The mediator will discuss what you want to achieve and then find out if your employer will agree. There will be negotiations.

The mediator will talk to you about what you want. It is not essential but can sometimes be useful. You will not have to do anything you are not comfortable with.

No. However, many employees find it useful to have legal advice throughout the process. Please contact an  advice organisation for legal advice.

You will agree the next steps on how to move forward and resolve your issues. This can be written down so you both have a record of what was agreed. 

After mediation

You will have found a solution to your problems and be able to move on. If not, you will understand your employer’s position better.

It depends on the circumstances and outcomes of the mediation. There are strict time limits for bringing Employment Tribunal claims. Speak to a lawyer if you need advice.