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DRAW offers online mediation for work problems. Mediation is a series of discussions aimed at finding solutions. Mediation is a great way to find solutions that work for both employee and employer. 

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Why use DRAW mediation?

Less stressful

Mediation with DRAW is less stressful than grievances and the Employment Tribunal

Less management time

Mediation with DRAW is quick and easy to set up online

More control and certainty

Parties have more control over the outcomes than in an Employment Tribunal. Mediation with DRAW allows for more creative solutions

Minimises legal costs

Swift solutions are possible, saving legal fees

Quick & easy
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Mediation is a process whereby 2 or more parties are helped to resolve an argument or dispute by an impartial person – a mediator. It can be helpful in workplace disputes. 

Often, it is helpful to have an independent third party to help find a way forward.  This process can help an employee come to terms with a workplace change that they might be struggling with.

This can be counterproductive. A grievance rarely resolves matters as it is a formal process and seen by many as the first step in a litigation process. A solution can often be found without resorting to such formal and adversarial steps. 

Mediation is where the parties get together online to focus on finding a solution.  The mediator will help the parties to have a constructive discussion in real time. It is not essential for the employer and employee to meet during the mediation, but it can help to resolve matters.

ACAS’ role is very limited and each conciliator has a large case load. Conciliating via Acas can take a long time and lacks the momentum of a focused mediation session. 

Any time. It is never too early or too late.

If your business is based in London or your employee lives in London.

The first six hours of mediation is provided at no cost.

A workplace where all staff feel valued and able to share their thoughts on workplace issues is good for business.

There are many studies that show that staff will be more productive in an environment where there is open dialogue, where they are listened to and where there is constructive discussion.

Through mediation, there is an opportunity to learn and experience an alternative to dispute resolution that you may find is a welcome addition to your future workplace practices. If it does not work, you have lost nothing.