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DRAW helps you find solutions to employee issues

DRAW offers online mediation for work problems. Mediation is a series of discussions aimed at finding solutions. Mediation is a great way to find solutions that work for both employee and employer. 

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Mediation with DRAW

DRAW mediation
Work problems?
STEP 1: Are there problems in your workplace? Do you want to solve them quickly?
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STEP 2: Contact us today to provide information
Agree to mediate
STEP 3: Your employee(s) must agree to mediate and we will discuss how best to approach them
Arrange mediation
STEP 4: We arrange the mediation for you – at a time that suits you
STEP 5: MEDIATION A mediator will discuss the problem with you and your employee(s) separately and help find solutions
STEP 6: SUCCESS Most mediations end with an agreement between the employee(s) and employer

Why use DRAW mediation?

Less stressful

Mediation with DRAW is less stressful than grievances and the Employment Tribunal

Less management time

Mediation with DRAW is quick and easy to set up online

More control and certainty

Parties have more control over the outcomes than in an Employment Tribunal. Mediation with DRAW allows for more creative solutions

Minimises legal costs

Swift solutions are possible, saving legal fees

Quick & easy
I felt less stressed

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Why use mediation?

Because the process focuses on finding a solution in a positive way rather than making allegations. It can avoid Tribunal claims and grievances, which are time-consuming and a drain on management resources.

Once the parties agree to mediation, it usually take around 2 weeks to organise. We aim for the mediation to take no more than 2-6 hours. DRAW will set this up for you.

If there is a disagreement between employer and employee, a mediator (who is independent) can help you find a solution. It can help improve communication with the employee.

A grievance often makes things worse, as it is more about who is to blame rather than finding a solution. Grievances rarely resolve matters.

A recent report found that poor conflict management causes staff stress, anxiety or depression and impacts workplace productivity. There’s a clear benefit to everyone in handling problems as early as possible.

DRAW mediation can happen at any time including during the ACAS process. Mediators have more time to help the parties understand their problems than ACAS. ACAS’s role is limited as they only pass messages between employer and employee to avoid a tribunal claim.

The mediation process

Any time. It is never too early or too late.

If your business is based in London or your employee lives in London.

The first six hours of mediation is provided at no cost.

The mediator will discuss what you want to achieve and then find out if your employee will agree. There will be negotiations.

No, however you may find it useful to understand your legal position. If needed, please contact a lawyer for advice.  

Usually you will enter into a written agreement.

After mediation

You will have found a solution to your employee’s problems and be able to move on. If not, you will understand your employee’s position better.

It depends on the circumstances and outcomes of the mediation.