About DRAW

Dispute Resolution Assistance in the Workplace

DRAW helps resolve problems at work through mediation

DRAW was set up in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a surge in workplace problems that resulted in even longer delays within the Tribunal system. We know the drain that employment disputes can have on employees, staff wellbeing and productivity. DRAW offers a solution to this problem – mediation. DRAW is run by a team of staff and volunteers, who all believe passionately in mediation as a tool to quickly find solutions to workplace problems.

DRAW is a project of YESS Law and is funded by Trust for London. We work closely with their Employment Legal Advice Network to offer solutions to workplace problems.

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The DRAW mediators

DRAW  mediators

DRAW mediators are all expert employment lawyers and qualified mediators. Some volunteer their time to this charity. Our panel of mediators includes solicitors and barristers. All are committed to help you find solutions to your work problems.

The DRAW staff team

DRAW  staff team

Camilla Palmer QC(Hon)

Camilla established the DRAW service whilst working as a consultant lawyer for YESS. She is now one of DRAW’s volunteer mediators.

Victoria Speed

Victoria is Mediation Consultant for DRAW and acts as mediator and community educator. She qualified as an employment lawyer in 2001 and now focusses her time on the not-for-profit employment rights sector.

Hollie-Anne Colebrook

Hollie is Mediation Assistant for DRAW. She will help with your enquiries and set up your mediation. Hollie has just graduated with an LLB Law degree and has a keen interest in mediation as a tool to solve disputes in areas of civil law.

DRAW mediation costs

DRAW  mediation costs

DRAW is part of the YESS Law charity. Through grant funding DRAW offers up to 6 hours of mediation without charge. Most mediations will finish in this time. Additional mediation is available for a charge as agreed with your mediator.

DRAW mediation


A mediator will discuss the problem online with employee and employer separately and help find solutions


The conversations aim to find a positive and constructive solutions that work for both employee and employer


It is all voluntary – both the employee and employer must agree to meet and can leave at any time