DRAW: Dispute Resolution Assistance in the Workplace

Helping you find solutions to work problems

Positive solutions
DRAW mediation

DRAW helps solve work problems through online mediation discussions

Discussions find solutions that work for both employee and employer

What is mediation?

Mediation helps you find solutions through discussions

Mediation is simply a series of discussions looking for solutions. The mediator will help an employer and employee find solutions to their problems

Mediation is confidential

Everything you say during the mediation will remain private (unless otherwise agreed)

Mediation is voluntary

The employee and employer need to agree to the mediation process

Mediation is quick and easy to arrange

Online mediations are very flexible so you can resolve your problems more quickly than through the employment tribunal process

Mediation is independent and impartial

The mediator will not judge either the employer or employee or take sides

Quick & easy

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