Worried about work problems: end of furlough, return to office, health and safety?

Change is on the horizon this Autumn. Furlough finishes at the end of September. Employees may have to return to the office – wholly or partly. An increase in Covid cases may require more health and safety measures. Care workers must be vaccinated.  These are just some examples.

If you want to resolve differences here are a few obvious top tips:

  • Discuss your concerns in a constructive way, avoiding blame. So often disputes arise out of miscommunication – or lack of communication;
  • Avoid threats; they are more likely to escalate a dispute instead of resolving it;
  • Try and understand the other person’s point of view. Things are rarely black and white;
  • Remember that everyone is affected by the uncertainty of Covid so people may be more fragile;
  • Avoid grievances. They entrench disputes, focussing on rights and wrongs instead of solutions;
  • Avoid litigation or threats of litigation. Litigation is uncertain, stressful, time consuming, costly;
  • SUGGEST MEDIATION – there is no downside, but both parties must agree to mediate.

It is never too early or too late to mediate

The London DRAW mediation service has many advantages

  • At mediation there is no limit to what can be agreed (eg a reference), unlike a tribunal;
  • It avoids the stress of a dispute;
  • It is quick and easy to set up online;
  • The first 6 hours are free;
  • It can help an employee keep their job;
  • It could save a lot of legal costs.


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